Monday, February 6, 2012

How SharePoint 2010 Utilizes Silverlight

Silverlight has found some favor with developers as a tool with which to build rich webparts. Video is a popular example, and various media player webparts exist that make use of Silverlight's ability to deliver good quality video over the web. In fact the out-of-the-box SharePoint 2010 media webpart is a Silverlight control. A number of third party webparts also exist that use Silverlight to interact with pictures and audio in interesting ways.

SharePoint 2010 also includes a generic Silverlight webpart, which can be used to host a specific Silverlight application by referencing the document library URL it was deployed to. This method allows such applications to be easily added to content pages. Microsoft tried to encourage this path of integration with an official "blueprint" for Silverlight and SharePoint. This consisted of source code, guidance notes and a number of sample applications.

The out-of-the-box SharePoint 2010 interface also makes use of Silverlight to provide a slick experience for end users. The list selection screen is a good example, offering animation and interaction effects provided by Silverlight.

The Future of SharePoint and Silverlight
But if Silverlight 5 really is to be the final release, what will happen in the future with SharePoint? It seems likely that Silverlight's slow growth as a SharePoint development tool will stall, leading it to be replaced altogether in the next version of the product. No one really knows what it will be replaced by, but the smart money would seem to be HTML5.

Microsoft seems to be making a strategic decision to back HTML5 for web and app-style development. Windows 8 is using HTML5 as its application platform, so it seems likely that the next version of SharePoint will fall in line with this vision.

Expect out-of-the-box Silverlight webparts and Silverlight powered interfaces to disappear. The exception will probably be the "host a Silverlight application" webpart, which may still remain to support any existing legacy implementations. SharePoint 2010 made a big push with web accessibility, greatly improving the HTML its pages and webparts produced. I would expect the back-end and admin pages to see an overhaul in the next version of SharePoint and for both to use HTML5. Whilst the accessibility of these pages is probably less important, it is unlikely Silverlight will remain purely to provide some interface bells and whistles.

I expect to see all traces of Silverlight disappear from the next version of SharePoint. It has been a powerful and useful tool for rich media and interfaces, but it seems its niche approach has run its course. SharePoint 2012 (or 2013) will likely adopt HTML5 for everything Silverlight has previously been used for. Put bluntly, SharePoint and Silverlight have no future at all.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Overview -- New techniques in Web Development

Growth is mandatory for every business. In this era of e-commerce, website has become a significant weapon to promote your business and services. You need to grow and develop your website continuously to get maximum attention and visibility.

In this competitive market web development techniques have become crucial because these enable websites to swift through the spiders of search engines. In internet marketing tactics, it has become a tool that cannot be done without. From C++ to HTML, technology has known no bounds. With each passing day a new horizon is explored or a new application is invented.

In today's market a brochure type static website will mar your chances of lead conversion. Latest techniques of web development like content developing, blogging, search engine optimization, link building and traffic generation activities ensure that you not only remain in the competition but stand apart also. These are three vital parts of any development strategy. You should keep relevant content on your website and change it on a regular basis to keep up with latest search engine techniques and to attract prospective customers. These processes can be maintained on daily or weekly basis which ascertains top listings of your websites. Link building should be authentic and related to your website. Other methods such as PPC or SMO are also in trend.

It is a fundamental step toward business establishment and could be incisive to determine its success. For a cost effective and value added services of web or software development you can also consider outsourcing. From managing your SEO to a template designing can be done by offshore services providers. They employ skilled developers to accomplish a simple to multi functional website and provide holistic consistent approach to your website. They are accomplished in providing complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends. This otherwise costly development can be cost effective and save lots of time with outsourcing. They also offer support custom web application and custom technology application such as Windows, Linux, and SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, C++/C #, Delphi, Visual Basic according to the requirements and needs of a business. From back office support like Payroll to front office functions such as contact management can be addressed by business processing outsourcing.

Website Development is an expansive subject. From a logo on the upper left side to each word on your website is reflection of your business. Make sure you hire an expert to show world a crystal clear and true version of your services. Lack of this will not only strip you off from hard earned money but of valuable customers as well.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Difference Between Web Design And Development

There is a misconception found in the thoughts of many internet users that web designing and web developing are the same. However, a big difference totally changes the concept of these two identical terms. Web designing is the presentation of various objects and material that enhances the importance of any product, business or organization. On the other hand, web developing is all the efforts using various techniques and software to launch the web site on the vast canvas of internet providing a doorway of viewing by internet audience. Therefore, before anyone finds his interest in online business should know the difference between web design and web developing.

The overall impression of any website definitely depends on its designing and layout. Top ranking website provides bright chances in increasing the online business. A dull and low standard website may not attract visitors at all. Hence, such web sites always remain at the bottom of web site ranking at various search engines. To reach among the top ten websites, web design should be colorful, attractive, mind blowing and loaded with lots of useful material that take hold of the visitors and grab their attention for frequent visits. This trafficking on any website increases the position of that website in the race for becoming number one or be at top ranking on Google search engine.

Good web designer also have to be a good web developer as well. This information plays a vital role in enhancing the chances of online business. He should apply all his efforts in designing a website full of attraction, decorated with various colors, fonts and visual effects. Proper and extraordinary orientation of the website is the key factor to the first step towards success of any online business. Online buyers visit such web sites more often and cannot resist their hearts and buy online from that web site. Beside the quality and demand of the particular product, dynamic orientations in web designing made a go through towards the heights of glory.

Beside the wonderful presentation of web site, content is the second key factor in enhancing the value of any web site. Most popular websites contain high quality articles and other material that provides complete details of a particular product, useful information and attractive relevant stuff according to the niche provides temptation to the visitor to pay visits on that web site repeatedly. Products and services listed or offered at your website should be original and placed in a persuasive and easy manner on your website pages. The web design should be simple yet elegant and the navigation of the website should be very easy and user-friendly. Simple navigation increases your chances of getting indexed at the Google search engine. It is recommended that your website is not cluttered or disorganized because it will affect trafficking on the website.

Web design is dependent upon the aesthetic perspective and ability to visualize whereas the web developer is responsible for providing technical functionality necessary to enhance the usability of website. The architecture of website along with the construction is based upon experience and past performances. An expert in the field of web designing and web development holds prime importance in today's nontraditional business environment on the internet. He can assist you in expanding your horizons for internet marketing by creating a dynamic website to grab the attention of your targeted client.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hardware and Software Requirements For Making Websites

A little while ago my old laptop needed replacing, it was over 3 years old and the battery had a 10 minute charge life and the charger needed to be replaced. A quick visit to eBay and for less than $500 Australian a new Toshiba laptop was delivered.

About the same time I visited a friend who had spent over $1,500 Australian on a laptop from a large electrical retailer. My friend mainly uses the laptop to check emails and create simple word documents; I was thinking that maybe a $1,500 laptop was extravagant to their needs.

As a web page designer and article writer I feel that my $500 laptop completes my tasks with complete ease.

Most visitors to my Making Website Blog are beginning their learning path; my blog covers information in regards to content, domain names, web hosting and SEO. I though why computer hardware and software shouldn’t be covered to, after all it is what is use to browse, compose and submit our work.

As you can see I don't think bigger is better, the $500 laptop has Vista as the operating system, 2GB of ram, 160GB of Hard Drive and the CPU is a Celeron 2.2Ghz. The tasks that this laptop needs to undertake are, web browsing of course, simple picture editing (cropping, resizing and compressing for the web), text editing and when I just want to be slack, my favorite game.

Now you know what hardware I use for my web design, I will now run through of my list essential software;

· Web browsers - IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. So we can check that the page views ok across a variety of platforms.

· Gimp - For my picture editing.

· Dreamweaver MX 2004 - Mainly used in text editing mode, and I like the site manager.

· Xampp - Xampp creates a server on my PC so I can create a full working page so it can be tested before I upload

· Fireftp - A Firefox plugin to transfer files.

· And the last an most used software is windows notepad - I am using it now as I am writing this article. My Blog and EzineArticles have a feature where I can copy and paste text in to the "new post" form.

The above are my choices for hardware and software, some of you may like to use a desktop machine and would prefer to use a graphical interface to create your pages. I would like to know, and I assume that some the readers of my blog would be interested what you use.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Web Development - Essential For Emerging Businesses

Web development has been emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. We can say web development is a step by step process of producing a website- whether it's building it, to designing it, creating content for it and embedding social features for it. However, most of the people think of web development as the practice of writing code.

The main role played in this area is by Web developers. They understand the language of computers, and they are builders and very often gamers as well. Web developers work with designers and user-experience. They are experts to create an online experience for the users that is simple, stimulating and gets them to where they need to go in systematic manner.

Now-a-days as everyone is tech savvy and websites are often used for the business purposes. For those who are not very well familiar with the site making tools, they can contact web development companies. They are able to provide web solutions in a perfect way.

Steps involved in website development:

• Planning
• Analysis
• Design
• Implementation
• Promotion
• Innovation

Figure. Steps of a process.

The key things involved in achieving the above processes are as follows without which it's really hard to achieve the goal of making a website- purpose statement, audience information, objective statement, domain information, web specification, web presentation.

Features of web development:

Now days we can say website as a web application tool used for exchange of information through internet. To develop web application tool we need features i.e. HTML, Flash, JavaScript, CGI, DHTML, and CSS. Some important languages that are used for front end design like Asp, ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP and languages for back-end required like Oracle, SQL Server and My SQL. To establish connection between front end and back end some servers are required like tomcat series, web logic and web spheres. As we know very well in today's competitive world, we cannot bind our website only for organization information.

Benefits of website in business:

Websites helps you to present your products or services in an organized manner. You can give your company information and your product/services details by your website. It serves you as online company where costumers reach you globally from anywhere. In the virtual world of the internet, your website is the virtual shop front to your business. It is Efficient and interactive, cost effective medium for communicating with customers and suppliers. Last but not least visitors can help themselves to information; anytime, anywhere from you website.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What is web development?

Businesses come in very forms and so do business websites. Some business websites are aimed to promote products and services while others promote networking. Creative ideas is available for people who are looking for business web development solutions for their websites.

Web-development services include:
• Web Application Development
• Web Development Services
• Website Design Development
• Web-based Database Programming
• Opensource Software Customization
• Content Management System
• E-commerce Solution and many more.

Web development services enable your website to come in the first top 10 rankings of search engines like Google and Bing with high technology and services. Many website owners cannot reach their aim of online business only because of having an ineffective website. That is why much importance is paid on a website development as well as the products or the services. A high-quality web design firm can make your online business beat your competitors and even surpass the line where you wanted to be within a short period of time.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Web Development – The Positive Effects In Business

Web development technology keeps on growing day by day. The features which were latest in market few days back are now empowered by new trends and techniques. This keeps everyone on their toes. This is very common not only in the field of computer industry but every industry which has use of computers. The web development companies in IT sector are growing with the help of talent, tools and technology.

In this technological era, everyone wants to be updated on regular basis, so they totally depend upon the e- commerce technologies. As we know to be successful in any industry we need to be better than our competitor. There are many web development companies which develop websites at very affordable prices.

Web development is very important aspect of a business now days. A web page is a face of your company where a customer can visit anytime and from anywhere. It enables you to interact with your clients directly. You can spread awareness about your services and products through your website. Having a website is a very important thing in a business.

Regular updates on the website make it more popular by improving the knowledge of the product or services you sell. In this field there are huge demands of people who are creative in making websites. So web development has a bright career prospects and opportunities, with the lucrative income if they are qualified or have knowledge.